At Jewelrythings, our goal is to provide clients with a variety of individually tailored solutions in the jewelry, accessory and DIY markets. We leverage our industry expertise with a broad range of domestic and international resources to deliver comprehensive plans and effective results in product development, design, manufacturing, and sourcing of component parts and finished goods.   



For Jewelry and Fashion Accessory Manufacturers:


We offer years of experience in development, manufacturing and sourcing in the Fashion, Bridge and DIYJewelry Industries. Please contact us for further information on our products and resources. Confidentiality is assured.

We have jewelry resources and suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia for the development and manufacturing of finished goods, quality components, chains and industry related products. Our suppliers are reliable, experienced and able to conform to your current metal content specifications.


Lead Free Pewter Made in USA
butterfly pendant



For the DIY Jewelry and Apparel Craft Industry:


In cooperation with Swarovski North America, our company recently developed the Crystal Applicator Handtool and associated dies and accessories. Use it to decorate your jewelry and textile products with Swarovski ELEMENTS - snaps, decorative buttons, rosepins, jeans buttons, rivets and crystal studs. The Crystal Applicator and accessories are available through authorized Swarovski Dealers, Resellers and Distributors.


To get more information and directions on applying Swarovski ELEMENTS to your products with the Crystal Applicator Tool, please follow these links:

Swarovski Snaps and Decorative Buttons

Swarovski 14 and 17mm Jeans Buttons

Swarovski Rosepins

Swarovski SS18, 29, 34, 39 Rivets

Crystal Studs

craftsuede CraftSuede

We manufacture and stock the CraftSuede line of bracelet components for the DIY Jewelry and Accessories industries. Custom colors and sizes are also available by special order.

Additionally we carry an exclusive line of pendants, rings, bracelets and cufflinks designed to be used with 2 part epoxy clay and decorated with Swarovski ELEMENTS



Swarovski "Professor of Crystal", Nick Regine, demonstrates the Jewelrythings Crystal Applicator Hand Tool and Jewelrythings CraftSuede with Swarovski ELEMENTS Snaps, Decorative Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Rivets and Rosepins



More Info on the Applicator Tool? Follow these links:


List of Crystal Applicator Tool Resellers


Swarovski Create-Your-Style .pdf file introducing the Crystal Applicator Tool


For Jewelry Designers and Artists:

VL1 etsy vintage

Our Etsy retail shop offers a small and varied assortment of products. We carry precious metal functional findings and some unique vintage stampings...and some things you may have never seen before.

Also available is a line of pewter castings in a variety of finishes, specifically designed to be used with Swarovski ELEMENTS.

These components are manufactured in the US, and are lead/nickel/cadmium compliant.


Please contact us for more information:


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